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Generational Learning Styles

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Regardless of your age, it is always helpful to increase your understanding of how your current students learn and what your future students might need because students learn in a variety of ways. This course will focus on the influence of generational characteristics on learning styles. Your students learn differently than you do. Come find out how to help your students learn more and discover something new about yourself too!

We will explore fascinating information on the brain and how each generation has responded to their unique “cohort experience." You will acquire the skills and information needed to facilitate Gen Y and the emerging generation of learners. Understand how your own generational characteristics impact your learning AND your teaching. 

Come away with our top 20 generational techniques for helping your students learn more.

Course length:  One month

Number of hours:  16

Costs:  $145

Course start dates:  4/1/24, 6/3/24, 11/4/24

You may also take this course as part of the Learning Styles Certificate.